Design Rules To Make Better Designs

13-03-2019 - Uncategorized

RULES! Why rules? to many of them are counter productive, to less the same. So at Squarelion we distilled our application UX design guidelines to the very basics. It gives you a structure where there is still enough room to create and feel creative. These are great to keep in mind when designing and going trough new cycles of development.

Your users are the most important! We often time forget who we are actually working for, our clients are important but their clients are the ones who are actually going to use and experience the product more often than not. If you want happy clients think of their clients!

Design Should Concentrate on User Experience – not on content only
Websites Are Scanned, Not Read – be easy to process
Users Want Clarity and Simplicity – 3 seconds and they are gone
Common Design Elements Versus Creativity – don’t be a design hero
Know the Audience – just embrace it
Visual Hierarchy – use LOGIC
User Experience Qualities:
Be contextual – Be sure to mark where users are in their path through the interface.
Be human – Be trustworthy, transparent, and approachable with human interaction preferred over machine interaction.
Be discoverable – Be sure users can accomplish their tasks the first time they visit.
Be easy to learn – Be sure that interaction is easy and moving through product is seamless. Be sure that on subsequent visits users can accomplish their goals.
Be efficient – On repeat visits can they accomplish repetitive tasks quickly and easily?
Be delightful– Be sure that product delights users so that they have an emotional connection to it and champion your product.
Be a performer – Be sure that the system performs well when users are interacting with it.

  • “Squarelion provides us with services in the field of customer support. Clearly defined on the basis of an agreement. The response time is low and, if necessary, the approach is discussed first. I never have to worry about whether it will work out well.”

    Rik Verhagen
    Nieuw Ontwerp

  • “We are really satisfied with the design that Squarelion has made for us. The delivery was fast, professional and they understood directly what we envisioned for the project, client-oriented and very dynamic company!”

    Laetitia Peant
    Development & Communications Coordinator
    Conservation International Suriname

  • “I have experienced that working with Kris and Mathias is very pleasant, and that they work with an open mind for customers’ needs and challenges. We had the opportunity to hire Squarelion on doing a baseline training for graphic design and Facebook branding with a combination of conducting a gap analysis and we were sincerely glad with their professionalism, knowledge and desire to go out of their way to assist our trainees. Based on our results I would gladly recommend them for other businesses too.”

    Hans Hiralal
    Marketing & Operations Director
    Subisco International N.V.

  • “Last year I asked Kris and Mathias to develop my logo and website for my company. I really like their way of working, they took the time to listen to my preferences and they are very professional. When my website and logo were finished, I got a lot of compliments from my clients. Their after service is also very good. I recommend them to anybody.”

    Jovanka Pigot
    Legal Advisor